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Dr. Antrobus: Church has a lot to answer for

Dr. Antrobus: Church has a lot to answer for


The Church has a lot to answer for, because they are a powerful institution perpetuating “the myth” that women are supposed to be passive, submissive to men and that they are man’s helpers, says Dr Peggy Antrobus.

“We are not isolated, women all over the world are thinking how violence against women is linked to all aspects of living. {{more}} Violence is part of a continuance that starts with male entitlement and sexism,” Dr Antrobus, the widow of the late Vincentian Pediatrician Ken Antrobus said as she implored the women to be advocates.

“You cannot deal with poverty, AIDS and racism unless you deal with sexism.”

Dr Antrobus told the launch of the Purple Ribbon campaign in St Vincent and the Granadines of her own experiences with violence, where her two younger sisters Jenny and June were killed by Jenny’s boyfriend who later threw himself under a train 32 years ago in New York.

“When my son’s fiancée was raped then murdered in Bequia in 1988, I realized that my life’s work was about violence, you are not powerful until you have control over your body,” she said.

This year the 16-day period, from November 25 to December 10 has been designated to highlight violence against women. The campaign is the brainchild of Nelcia Robinson who said that the campaign should go beyond 16 days, as women need to access,

analyze and monitor legislation that deals with violence against women.

Over 20 women representing various groups attended the launch at the UWI Centre conference room.

The Purple Ribbon campaign culminates on December 10 – World Human Rights Day.