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Barbados police slaps soap star with sex charge


by JULIE WILSON Barbados NATION Dec.08.06

BRITISH SOAP OPERA STAR BENEDICT “BEN” FREEMAN will be back before the cameras in England on the set of the popular Emmerdale in his role as Scott Windsor.

Bail in the sum of $100 000 Tuesday helped secure the way for him to return home. But he has to return to Barbados to face a charge of having unlawful sex with a teenager without her consent last week Wednesday. Hearing is set for March 15.{{more}}

Chief Magistrate Clyde Nicholls granted defence attorney Desmond Sands’ application for Freeman’s travel documents to be returned to him. He also asked that bail be raised from the $20 000 which was set when Freeman first appeared before the court on November 29.

Freeman, 26, who was a guest at Almond Beach Village, St Peter, made a third court appearance yesterday amidst much attention from British journalists.

The courtyard was very busy as policemen tried to control cameramen who jostled alongside other curious onlookers in the cramped area for the best vantage point.

Sands said Freeman was a fit candidate for bail having been employed on the set of Emmerdale for six years. He said his acting career spanned ten years and he was not a flight risk.

“At this point the charge is a mere allegation and whatever quantity is set, we would be willing to pay it. He is very public in England and he would definitely return to face the charge,” Sands said.

Prosecutor Station Sergeant Irvin Kellman said if one was talking about quantities, then the amount had to be such that the accused would not easily walk away from it.