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House of Hope: not just for HIV

House of Hope: not just for HIV


Governor General, Sir Frederick Ballantyne, while asserting that there is definitely a need for the hospice proposed by the House of Hope Society, has cautioned the members of that organization to take into consideration that persons infected with HIV are living longer and that there is a high cost associated with caring for an HIV infected person.

Sir Frederick’s remarks were made at the 7th Annual General Meeting of the House of Hope Society held on Saturday November 21, 2006 at the Anglican Pastoral Centre. President of the Society, Archdeacon Dr Sylvanus Regisford responded to the Governor General’s concerns by informing the gathering that the proposed hospice was only intended for persons in the very last stages of life and that where possible, care would be taken to the homes of the affected.{{more}} An individual, Dr Regisford revealed, would only be admitted to the hospice if arrangements could not be made to take care of them elsewhere. He also stressed that the hospice would provide care for any terminally ill person, not just the HIV infected.

Chief Operating Officer Anita Nanton reported that renovation work on the organization’s newly acquired property at Stoney Ground had not started as funds promised through the Basic Needs Trust Fund had not yet been released. Despite this, Nanton said that the organization had for the last few months been providing home-based care to one HIV infected person. This was in addition to the education programmes mainly targeting children and young people which have been ongoing since 2002.

Feature speaker, Cecil Ryan, Managing Director of Projects Promotions Ltd. congratulated the House of Hope Society on their achievements over the years and said that no thank you is sufficient for the “Faith Keepers” of the House of Hope. He said that the validation of the work of the organization is rooted in the national HIV/AIDS statistics which reveal that 891 persons have tested positive since the first case was reported in 1984.

The entire executive of President Archdeacon Dr Sylvanus Regisford, Vice President Clare Keizer, Treasurer Father Alric Skerritt and Secretary Cordelle Daniel was returned unopposed to serve for another term. Entertainment was provided by children from the St Paul’s Anglican Church, Calliaqua. Shirley Gonsalves, Director of the House of Hope Society moved a vote of thanks.