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Families of missing two say thanks


A big thank you have gone out to the officials, neighbouring countries, friends, and the general public who helped in the search for the AVG Air plane which vanished on November 19.

Chief Executive Officer of SVG Air, Martin Barnard, in his first statement since the event spoke on behalf of the Gonsalves family as well as Nisha Branker and Brian Ibrahim.

In a release he said they “wish to thank all those persons who are assisting in the on going search for their loved ones, Dominic and Rasheed.{{more}}

“Mention must be made of the part played by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard, the Government itself, along with the Governments of Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago, in bringing their assets to bear in the search.

“To the many people whether it be by land or sea who have joined in this rescue effort our heartfelt thanks and we pray that you will continue as where there is hope there is life.

“The support that we have received from all over the world and our own region cannot be measured in words and we must continue our search until we have exhausted every possible option.”