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Shortage of Visual Arts teachers in SVG schools



The cry for art education in our school’s curiculium is finally being heard. According to Chief Education Officer, Susan Dougan, the need has been recognized but the resources are in short supply.

“It is already on the curriculum but we are suffering a lack of trained teachers in the arts,” she said.{{more}}

The chief said that the Ministry of Education (MOE) is catering for everyone where not only communication skills are being taught but also the creative skills.

The MOE recognizes that diversity is the way forward and wants students to be familiar with new technologies and be able to analyze rather than depend soley on memory.

The chief also said that bringing artists and other creative persons onboard is within the ministry’s scope.

The European Union recently approved a grant to support a project named the “St Vincent and the Grenadines Education Support Program”.

The program is being implemented by the MOE through the Education Project Management Unit (EPMU). Part of the proceeds of the grants will be used to pay for the conduct of a needs Assessment and Situation Analysis of Arts & Craft/Creative Arts. This project will help the MOE to improve the overall situation of Arts & Crafts/Creative Arts and improve students’ potential chances in local and regional exams. Four notices of interest to tender for consultancy Services were received, though none were from St Vincent and the Grenadines.

At present Visual Arts are taught at CXC level in some secondary schools and also the Community College.