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Daize tells youths seek career in maritime field

Daize tells youths seek career in maritime field


A call has been made for young people to see the maritime field as a career path which offers further advancement.

Management Information System and Electronic Data Processing officer, Roland Daize, said that a team from the Caribbean Maritime Institute had just ended a promotional drive, which was held from November 9-11 to make young people more aware of the opportunities available.{{more}}

He noted that the delegation, which comprised of Fritz Pinnock, Vivette Grant and Keisha Walker made presentations to students at the Community College and to employees at various shipping agencies.

Daize mentioned that some 2,500 Vincentians are engaged in the cruise industry alone but pointed out that there were also training opportunities and scholarships in port management, seamanship, and port and shipping logistics among other areas.

The Management Information System officer encouraged youngsters 18 years and older who have five O’Levels or more with Math and English, to apply for the lone scholarship being offered by the Caribbean Maritime Institute to a Vincentian.

Daize stated that the education paradigm is shifting and for those persons who want to venture into more non-conventional careers, the maritime sector was ideal.

He also noted that having trained personnel in the maritime business was also a way of diversifying as opposed to only having trained individuals in agriculture and tourism, which were often threatened by global factors.

Daize announced that this country intends to have a pool of trained personnel in the maritime sector since there were islanders who are inclined to the sea but who would not have had the opportunity for further training.