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Shell pumping out V-Power

Shell pumping out V-Power


As of Wednesday, November 15, Shell gasoline users have been using the new and improved Shell V-Power gasoline, which promises to make engines run smoother.

At a regional simultaneous satellite link up which was held at the Sunset Shores, Country Manager Steve Francis announced that automobile owners no longer would be using Shell unleaded fuel at the pumps, but would now as their motto stated, “Feel the Response” as they drive with Shell V-Power.{{more}}

Francis pointed out that the new gasoline was a partnership with Sol to have the same scientists who engineered fuel for Ferrari Formula One racing cars, develop gasoline for road users.

The Manager guaranteed vehicle owners that the technologically advanced fuel would improve engine performance and may even help older engines run like new again by lessening the build up of deposits that exists in engines.

The local head of Shell V-Power excitedly revealed that a new gas station was being opened at Pembroke at Marty Knights Supermarket today at 1 pm. On the regional scene however, Francis announced that on Sunday, November 26, renown Ferrari Formula One racer Mark Jemi, would make an historic, first ever visit to the Caribbean by giving a performance demonstration race on that island.

The Sol Group is the Caribbean’s largest independent oil company and acts as a provider for Shell’s World lubricants and fuels. Shell V-Power gasoline are located in Anguilla, Barbados, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, Guyana, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Vincent and Suriname.

The cost per gallon is the same as the now phased out unleaded gasoline, which was priced at $11.50 per gallon at Shell stations.