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Little Shande shows age is just a number

Little Shande shows age is just a number


by Shaunice Butcher

While some may think that age may be a big problem when comes to competition this was not the case with four-year-old Shande Danzine of the Lodge Village Government School who displayed her award-winning project “Pupils’ Creativity” at last week’s National Science Fair.

The kindergarten student was the youngest person in the competition and was awarded the prize for the youngest person to participate in the fair.{{more}}

The project “Pupils Creativity” came about while the students were having Free Activity. The pupils were given the materials and were instructed to create something on the environment.

Little Shande portrayed a house with a fences with some animals in the yard, including snakes and other animals.

But the intelligent and articulate 4-year-old told SEARCHLIGHT she was not interested in a career in the sciences.

“I want to become a preacher when I grow up so that I can get to teach people about the bible,” she eloquently told the SEARCHLIGHT during a conversation in the principal’s office.

To achieve that goal, she has asked her mother to read the Bible to her each day before she goes to school.

She added that she really wants her parents to be proud of her

and that was one of the reasons why she entered into the fair at this age.

Her goal of becoming a preacher is no surprise to her principal June Russell who said that little Shande is always helping persons who are feeling depressed.

“She’s my baby (and) one of the most intelligent students in the school,” she said.

She said that Shande recently addressed the whole school in a general assembly about: stealing and honesty; protocol on how to enter the principal’s office; and proper hygiene after bathroom use.

The tiny tot is also one of the Environmental Guardians at school

policing other students to ensure they properly dispose of their garbage.