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27 win with Cable & Wireless

27 win with Cable & Wireless


“I think this has been the best Independence gift we have given to our customers thus far”, said Marketing Manager, Fitzgerald Huggins, in reference to the recent Independence Promotion held by Cable & Wireless.

“We asked our mobile customers to talk for at least 27 minutes weekly for the entire month of October, and today I am pleased to announce that we have made 27 bMobile customers very happy.”{{more}}

For the entire month of October, Cable & Wireless mobile customers were “talking it up” to get a chance at winning the Grand Prize of one whole year of free calling to C&W mobile and fixed lines. Many customers qualified, but only 27 were lucky enough to win what some are calling the greatest pre-Christmas present ever.

Cable & Wireless congratulates all the lucky Independence Promotion winners, and thank all their customers for their valued support. Huggins also went on to express that for this Christmas “Tis the season to be a Cable & Wireless customer”, a hint at the great offers that are in store for the upcoming month.

Cable & Wireless is also the proud sponsor of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, and will be keeping their customers connected with all the action in the biggest sporting event ever to come to the Caribbean region.

The winners are: Lewis Providence, Vern Connel, Cleebert Ryan, Dewakie Thomas,

Ivan Dupont, Claudia John, Stephen Jackson, Donnette Shallow, Rodrick Richards, Sonny DaSantos, Janecia Jacobs, Franklyn Marshall, Lester Woodley, Dwayne Alexander, Mark Westfield, Brenda Williams, Flora Joseph, Shamora Bramble, Winston Nash, Kurt Jackson, Roslyn Roberts, Merle Charles, Roxann Jacobs, Sherrick Billingy, Phill James, Jillian Thomas, and Mellissa Millington.