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Vanessa reads her way to top


Vanessa Harry of the Barrouallie Government School, read her way into the hearts of the judges to secure top place in this year’s 8th Annual Leo Club Primary Schools Reading Competition.

Following closely at the GECCU and VINLEC sponsored event, were Janielle Browne of the New Grounds Primary School who along with the trophy for Best Prepared Speech obtained the second position, and Sonja Hull of the St Mary’s Roman Catholic School who placed third.{{more}}

Although the girls may have taken the top spots, Rajiv Sutherland of the Biabou Methodist, a crowd favourite, was able to win the trophy for Best Spontaneous Speech.

In conjunction with the Ministry of Education through the Curriculum Development Unit, passages were selected and used throughout the Preliminaries and the Finals of the Competition. Acting Chief Education Officer Louis Deshong, praised the club for its 8th effort in helping to ensure that the literacy in primary schools is improved. He commended them on their dedication to this cause and hoped that the competition would have a good shelf life.

Also present at the event was Lion Zone Chairman, Vincentian Raffie King who expressed his pleasure in the success of this Reading Competition.

Other participants were: Damien Ryan – Sugar Mill Academy, Leona Lavia – Fitz Hughes Government School, Whitney Ambriton – Langley Park Government and Ondine Sutherland – Bequia Private (Paradise) School.