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Taiwanese give to hospital

Taiwanese give to hospital


There is a definite link between the governments of Taiwan and St Vincent and the Grenadines, but Ambassador Jack Cheng is looking at the relationship at a people to people level. Cheng underlined the involvement of different Taiwanese parties when he addressed a handing over of some medical supplies to the Robert Milton Cato Memorial Hospital last Wednesday.

“Not only the government of Taiwan commits itself to the cooperation projects, the people of Taiwan also feel deeply that they want to share with you what they have,” Cheng said.{{more}}

The Taiwanese government handed over EC$268,820 to Deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker, but to emphasize the participation of the Taiwanese people, other entities have also stepped up with donations. National Taiwan University Hospital donated some 5096 pieces of medical equipment.

Puh Sein Foundation, a Humanitarian Organization chipped in with 100 wheel chairs, and 22,300 medicinal bottles with prescription stickers were donated by the Taiwan Private Hospital Association and the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF).

Collin Bonadie, a technician attached to the Laboratory at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital is completing a three-month workshop in Taiwan. According to Ambassador Chen, “I am sure that he will bring back with him brand new perspectives about the equipment.”

Cheng stressed the importance of the two countries working together, and outlined: “That is why the people and the government of Taiwan would like to share with you what we have.”

Cheng stressed the importance of the two countries working together “for the health of the people of our two countries.”

Minister of Health and the Environment Dr Douglas Slater expressed gratitude on his Ministry’s behalf as well as that of the government and people of SVG for the Taiwanese assistance. He is hoping to work along with his Taiwanese counterparts at the international level as members of the World Health Organization.

Deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker, always a staunch advocate of the Taiwanese cause, also made his appreciation of the Taiwanese generosity known. Acting Medical Director Dr Bharati Datta, was similarly grateful for the donations

Chief Nursing Officer Audrey Scott who chaired the proceedings also used the opportunity to praise the Taiwanese for their generosity.