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National Society of Persons with Disabilities hosts activities

National Society of Persons with Disabilities hosts activities


Issues that affect the disabled would once again be brought to the forefront as the National Society of Persons with Disabilities observes a month of activities.

Public Relation Officer, PRO, Esroy Hackshaw said that the commemoration began last Friday with a Church Service at the Kingstown Anglican Church which was held under the theme “Sensitization for wider Integration”.{{more}}

Hackshaw voiced that although many people are becoming educated, they still lack the sensitivity toward persons living with disabilities. He said often times children taunt people who have an outward sign of a disability, but that he is perturbed when this mischievous behaviour comes from adults.

The PRO said that persons who were not born with a disability must realise that they too could end up getting into an accident or getting a medical illness which leaves them with a disability and that no one is immune from being disabled.

The month of activities continued on November 6-9, when the public is invited to make a social call to the various disabled institutions, while a parent workshop for persons with children with disabilities was held today.

From November 13-16 a public awareness programme would be conducted, a local food sale would be held under the Singer Gallery on November 17 and a Sponsored Walk on November 24 from Campden Park to Kingstown. A motorcade would be held on December 1, from Calliaqua to Victoria Park and the children’s party funded by the Republic of China on Taiwan and hosted by Sir Frederick Ballantyne would come off on December 2.

The month of activities would climax with a radio programme on December 3, which is International Day of the Disabled and

is being celebrated under the theme “E Accessibility.”