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Kerla wins Backyard Garden competition

Kerla wins Backyard Garden competition


Kerla Scott of Lowmans Windward out-cultivated 39 other budding greenthumbs to ‘harvest’ the top prize in the St Vincent and the Grenadines National Backyard Garden competition.

Scott’s garden got highest scores in categories of aesthetics, sustainability, layout and diversity in the competition organised by the Horticulture Society in association with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. She won a $400 gift certificate from Ace Hardware.{{more}}

Chief Judge Michael Gloster said that while they were pleased with the 40 participants in the competition, the Lowmans Windward resident’s garden was a combination of everything that they were looking for.

Gloster emphasised that the aim of the contest was to get people to utilise the space on their property, which could be used as a form of recreation or as an activity to keep gardeners fit while they generate some income through the land.

The chief judge said that it was vital for people to supply themselves with their own food and called on more people to get their gardens going. He noted that not only does the property around them look kept but also they are able to add value to their land with a garden.

Gloster said that the Horticulture Society hopes to make the competition an annual event and would ensure next year that the judging criteria is more clearly outlined for contestants.

He also believed that judging on the mainland should be separate from the Grenadines since the rainfall and soil are different.

Leila Toney was judged the Most Outstanding Special Garden, first place in the one lot and less category went to Camille Jacobs. First in the greater than one lot and less than half an acre category went to Evelyn Thomas and first in the one acre and more went to Kerla Scott who was also the overall winner.

The St Vincent and the Grenadines National Backyard Garden competition was held from October 3-12.