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Taiwan donates to students


Three hundred and six students this year have benefited from over US$100,000 in scholarships compliments of the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

On October 19, Ambassador Cheng made the presentation at a ceremony attended by Minister of Education, Girlyn Miguel, the Permanent Secretary in the education ministry, principals of all the schools, students and their parents.

It was a ceremony that integrated local culture with performances on the steel pan, poetry reading, and dance.

The recipients included about 210 students of primary schools, over 80 students of secondary schools, 16 students of colleges, as well as students from two special schools. Students of primary level received EC$806.46 (US$300) each, students of secondary level received EC$1344.10 (US$500) each, and college level students received EC$1612.92 (US$600).