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School of Nursing hosts 2-day show

School of Nursing hosts 2-day show


There continues to be a demand for nurses all over the world and the St Vincent and the Grenadines School of Nursing, SVGSN realises the importance of producing nurses to meet the need.

To aid in the recruitment process, the SVGSN held a two-day showcase for the public at their headquarters at Largo Height where demonstrations in the various aspects of nursing were highlighted. {{more}}

Principal of the School of Nursing Sylvia Williams said this type of showcase was necessary to show the uninformed public about the requirements of being a nurse. She confessed that many people get into nursing and don’t realise that they are required to do a lot of studying and also have to be extremely hands on with their patients.

Williams who is also the Senior Nursing Officer in the Education Department noted that many people who sign up for the nursing programme are unable to endure the rigors of the field and eventually quit.

She said that she could understand why nurses in training would bow out from the programme and was not angered by their move. Williams noted that it would be better to have a nurse who wanted to be in the profession than one who was constantly disgruntled.

She said that while the event was a success there could have however been more people in attendance to even interact with nurses.

The School of Nursing officially celebrated their 29th anniversary on Tuesday, October 16.