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PM sets up fuel subsidy fund


Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has ignored the threats of further strike action by the National Mini Bus Association (NOBA) and gone ahead and set up the fuel subsidy fund for operators.

NOBA rejected the subsidy, calling instead for a fare increase.

The fund is designed to cushion the effects of recent price hikes in gas and diesel.

Operators will be paid $2 per gallon of gas up to 220 gallons per month or 40c per gallon of diesel up to 286 gallons per month.

It is expected to cost the government $600,000 for the rest of the year. {{more}}

NOBA broke off talks with the prime minister, earlier this month, saying they are only willing to speak with the Transport Board,

“I am ready to talk to them any time they are ready to talk,” the prime minister said during a press conference broadcast live last Tuesday, October 24th in which he reminded NOBA that the Transport Board was an advisory body only. It advises Cabinet of which he is still the chairman.