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No pollution transport solution

No pollution transport solution


In keeping with sustainable, environmentally-friendly concepts, Erika’s Marine Services, in collaboration with Caribbean Pedicabs Inc., finally decided to “walk the walk” or “ride the ride”, not just “talk the talk”. The first pedicab in the Eastern Caribbean, has been launched in Union Island. {{more}}

On the tiny island in St Vincent and the Grenadines, the best-kept secret in the Caribbean, a transport solution that can assist in the sustainable development of our small community is now a reality. The impact in Union Island was huge. No one had seen anything like this before.

The first pedicab taxi had its coming-out party last Saturday October 21, 2006. According to Caribbean Pedicabs Inc. the intention is to build a “fleet” of pedicabs throughout the Caribbean, leading up to the 2007 Cricket World Cup.