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How can I get payment for my car?



My car was hit by a 19-year-old driver. He was not the owner, but the owner’s insurance refuses to pay because their policy excludes drivers under 25. How can I get payment for my damage? {{more}}


Press your claim against the OWNER of the vehicle that hit you. If your case is strong, you can also press charges against the Driver. You’d be entitled to consider dropping the charges AFTER you get settlement (if you wish). It would be up to the Owner of the offending vehicle to “share the load” with his insurance company or the driver, if he wishes.



Many persons do not know that the present Motor Insurance Act legally prevents insurance companies from restricting Drivers by Age BUT only up to the out-dated amounts stated in that Act. For our above

example, the maximum claim would be only EC$ 5,000.

Even then, since the insurance company has only been obliged to pay because of the law, it is ENTITLED to get back its money from the Owner, if the “rules” of its policy have been broken.


1. If you are in the right, don’t give up. Pursue your rights. The terms of the other side’s insurance doesn’t change who’s to blame.

2. Everyone needs to ask “up-front” about the terms of any insurance they plan to buy. Ask Questions and insist on clear Answers. Get advice if you’re not sure.

Don’t wait till it’s too late.