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Cool Riderz continues outreach

Cool Riderz continues outreach


The Cool Riderz Motor Cycle Club has expanded its community outreach programme. On Sunday, October 1 members

embarked on another school project. This time it was the painting of the Lodge Village government School.

The project was done in conjunction with the school’s authority and the company, SVG General Services. Two classrooms were painted, including the chalkboards and floors. It was a very rewarding exercise as members reflected on the ambience of the environment in which the children would have been schooled the following day.{{more}}

As a follow-up to this exercise, the Cool Riderz Club will conduct safety exercises at the school. It is recognized that children are prone to motor vehicular accidents due in part to their poor judgment. This exercise will reinforce what they would have learned from teachers and parents.

The session will be done in conjunction with the traffic branch of the police on October 23. There will be a road safety quiz.