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Thompson wants changes to ICTs

Thompson wants changes to ICTs


An appeal has been made for persons in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to demystify this area and raise the level of interest and excitement among the youth.

Minister of Telecommunications, Jerrol Thompson, made the call on the weekend at the opening of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) meeting held at the sunset Shores Hotel.{{more}}

Minister Thompson, president of the CTU, said the union is a vibrant responsive organisation that is not only respected but one that is recognized on the world stage.

He noted that the Caribbean had embraced technology and with liberalization of the telecommunications market, the union had embarked on the modernization of the way in which they operated.

The union, he said, had taken on the challenges of addressing issues such as Internet governance and spectrum management while representing the Caribbean at the highest level.

Deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker told the opening ceremony that the CTU was a Caribbean inter-governmental organisation dedicated to facilitating the development of the regional telecommunication sector, and whose mission is to create an environment in partnership with members to optimize returns from ICT resources for the benefit of stakeholders.

Eighteen countries participated in the CTU meeting hosted by St Vincent and the Grenadines.