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Taiwan presents EC$3m Crushing Plant to SVG

Taiwan presents EC$3m Crushing Plant to SVG


St Vincent and the Grenadines has received a EC$3.0 million Crushing Plant at Rabacca from the Government of Taiwan.

Ambassador Jack Cheng of the Republic of China (Taiwan) presented the gift from the Overseas Engineering and Construction Cooperation to deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker and Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Montgomery Daniel.{{more}}

It is one of the largest in the region and can produce all grades of sand.

“I am very proud to see that the OECC has decided to invest US$1.15 million to set up this crusher plant,” said Ambassador Cheng.

“It will not only increase employment opportunities, but will also become a source of revenue for St Vincent and the Grenadines. The OECC has always been very willing to welcome local involvement. The plant will become a place where related experiences could be shared and it will also provide opportunities for professional training. Furthermore, not only will the local market become self-sufficient, export to the region will also become possible,” he added.

Chief Engineer in the Ministry of Transport and Works, Jeffrey Cato, said all projects were currently behind schedule due to a lack of aggregates and this plant will help to get those projects restarted.

Area representative, Montgomery Daniel, said that the plant will create an additional 20 jobs in his constituency.

Deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis said aggregate shortage should now be a thing of the past.