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NOBA head supports ban on loud music

NOBA head supports ban on loud music


The poundING bassline of the day’s newest “rap joint” causing a simulated heart attack to the grand mother sitting in the back seat of a mini bus on her way to town may soon be a thing of the past.

The loud music in minibuses is by far one of the issues that has peeved the traveling public, apart from the school children that the music is intended for but president of the National Omni Buses Association (NOBA), Herman Preddie, says he will support a ban on the use of amplifiers in mini buses.{{more}}

In a candid interview with SEARCHLIGHT Preddie said that his organization is ready to address the public concerns which were loudly declared by members of the public during the three-day strike in September.

Listed among the commuters’ gripes is the tendency towards reckless driving by some operators during peak hustle periods.

These peak morning and evening periods also unleash the spirit of disorder at the bus stands where the animal-like jockeying for position takes place to the disgust of the average passenger.

Some complain of being rushed and even manhandled by conductors trying to guide, bully or insist that they travel in a particular bus.

Preddie told SEARCHLIGHT that NOBA will support initiatives by Government to clamp down on these instances which he admits can be a nuisance.

He still feels that such behavior is displayed by a small number of operators. Preddie admitted that there is a problem with speeding and not stopping at bus stop but he quickly added that the association “lacks the teeth to control operators in these matters”.

He again called on the government to act but said that NOBA continued to encourage its members to follow the law and increase their level of professionalism.

“I will support the government on any step it takes to make the sector better and to please the traveling public,” he said.

He recalled being a part of 12 national consultations held nationwide in 2004 where these concerns were raised and NOBA is now ready and willing to support any regulation that will address these concerns.