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Dr. Muppuri: Don’t make drug first choice in obesity fight

Dr. Muppuri: Don’t make drug first choice in obesity fight


The head of the Jamaican based pharmaceutical company Indies Phrama, Dr Guna Sekha Muppuri has warned persons battling overweight and obesity problems not to make drugs their first treatment option. This is as he introduced the drug Slenfig, his company’s drug treatment option to St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Medical doctors and pharmacists throughout the country gathered at Sunset Shores Hotel’s conference room last Saturday, September 30, where the range of Indies Phrama drugs was paraded. Muppuri said that people must first practice the ancient remedy of proper diet and exercise in the overweight battle. However if they are unable to change their lifestyle, “have no fear Slenfig will be there for you.”{{more}}

Slenfig is one of the flagships of Indies Phrama’s wide range of drugs being introduced to St Vincent and the Grenadines through their Eastern Caribbean distributor Carri Pharma, the pharmaceutical division of the Barbados based, Frank B Armstrong Distribution Company.

The other highlight drug was De Platt, an antiplatelet drug used in the treatment of strokes and heart attacks. The drug’s primary usefulness is the prevention of blood clots in the blood vessels. Mupurri also said that medication had become a vital ingredient of life next to food, shelter, and clothing.

“Medicine will be the crucial element which dictates the quality and productivity of the human life,” he added.

Bandele Serrano, partner at Frank B Armstrong, told SEARCHLIGHT that his company was glad that they “snapped up one of the better drug brands from India.” Indies Phrama distributes drugs produced by the multi national corporation Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited, based in Ahmedabad, India.

Indies Phrama was founded in April 2005 and was started by Muppuri with six drugs and now distributes 40 drugs. It has been nominated for the 2006 Jamaican National Quality Awards by the Jamaican Bureau of Standards.