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Cato sworn in as Justice of Peace

Cato sworn in as Justice of Peace


Valentine Cato is one of the nine Vincentians who has been sworn in as a Justice of the Peace and promises to carry out his duty without fear or favour.

The prominent Vincentian who would oversee the East St.George Community views his role as Justice of the Peace as one way of serving his country.{{more}}

Cato who was sworn in on September 21 said this was not the first time that he has served in that capacity, but considered it an honour to repay his homeland.

The widely traveled Cato has lived in England and Canada for many years ensuring that the issues of the Vincentian society were highlighted and is also a renowned Director of Business Recovery Disaster Management.

Two other prominent Vincentians who were sworn in as Justices of the Peace were ex-commissioner of Police William Harry and retired customs officer Vinny Robin.