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Calliaqua police moving to new building

Calliaqua police moving to new building


Two weeks after scurrying out of their rodent infested station officers at the Calliaqua Police Station are expected to move into a spanking new and attractive nearby apartment building.

At press time negotiations were continuing between the police and the owners for the rental of the three-storey building which is in its final stages of preparation for rental. SEARCHLIGHT understands that the two parties are ironing out the rental fee which is expected to be around $20,000 per month.{{more}}

Once they sign on the dotted line, the police officers should be able to move in, in less than a month.

The officers are currently operating out of a temporary station at the “Inspector’s residence” near to the health centre where a mobile unit has also been set up. To deal with the space problem a unique shift system is in use.

Plans to relocate the Divisional Head, Superintendent Kenville Quashie, to the newly constructed Biabou station has been shelved in anticipation of the soon expected move into the new premises.

Two weeks ago 11 Calliaqua police officers were placed on sick leave after they were diagnosed with a viral infection. Fears swirled that they may have contracted the rodent- borne virus leptospirosis. Cultures have been sent abroad to determine if it is in fact the potentially deadly leptospirosis virus that the officers had in fact contracted. Ten of the officers have since returned to work.

Health officials visited the divisional headquarters, the oldest police station and found it to be infected with three species of rodents, confirming that the station was a health hazard leading to its closure, something many police officers felt was long overdue. The magistrate’s court housed at the station was also closed and hearings are set to resume from October 2, on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Layou magistrate’s court.

The state of government buildings housing judges and magistrates came to the forefront after Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle highlighted it in a speech at the beginning of the 2006/2007 law year last month.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves blamed the former New Democratic Party government for the dilapidation and vowed more budgetary support next year.