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New computer system at NIS

New computer system at NIS


Deputy Chairman of the National Insurance Services (NIS), Elroy John said the NIS has embarked on a data clean up programme to better inform the policy decisions of the company through data collection.

The new system, which is expected to come on stream in a few weeks, would improve the efficiency in the collection of data for the company.{{more}}

According to John, the new data operating system would be targeting business persons submitting electronic data on their employees.

Richard Lewis, Head of IT at the NIS, told journalists that the new software e-Submit would enable businesses send their information electronically to the NIS.

“We are in a position to reduce the burden by providing the software to persons who might not have the resources to do so on their own. The electronic submission would be benefiting both the NIS and the employers,” Lewis said.

According to the IT head the new programme would allow the timely and accurate submission of data because of the minimum resources required.

Once we are satisfied with this project, he said, the efficiency would be improved much more significantly at the NIS.