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Glasgow challenges IADC

Glasgow challenges IADC


Chairman of the Argyle Property Owners Association, Carl Glasgow, is challenging the competence of the committee hired to take charge of preparations for the Argyle International Airport, the IADC.

“The negotiating team is comprised of Dr Rudy Mathias, CIMS Martin, Sir Vincent Beache, Adolphus Ollivierre, the chief surveyor, Tyrone Ballah, Camilo Gonsalves and the recording secretary Arlet Miller, persons with very limited knowledge of valuations surveying, only the chief surveyor has experience but not training in the field of valuation,” Glasgow told journalists Tuesday.{{more}}

Glasgow, also said that the chief surveyor was absent at several negotiations between the IADC and some of the Argyle Property Owners.

“The man who knows most about valuing is not there and I have been to three or four valuations and Mr Ollivierre was not present,” Glasgow said.

Chairman of the IADC, Rudy Mathias, believes his team of experts is competent to manage the operations of the international airport development project.

He told Searchlight that while the chief surveyor might be the only experienced person with knowledge of valuation on the committee his team does not require any expert personnel to negotiate on behalf of the IADC.

“I don’t subscribe to the view that we need a bunch of experts on valuation to negotiate on our behalf, that is why we have hired the expertise of Brown & Company. The team itself is a very diverse team with experience. What you need are persons who can negotiate with the property owners in lay man terms,” Mathias expressed.

Mathias said Glasgow himself does not have professional training in valuation but yet advises homeowners on what value to accept for their property.

The IADC chairman said no one is being forced to accept the IADCs valuation and that the IADC is keen on comparing valuations from homeowners.