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Plan wisely for retirement, financial expert warns

Plan wisely for retirement, financial expert warns


Manager of the St.Lucia branch of the Caribbean Money Market Brokers, CMMB, Carole Jean-Marie is calling on more people of the region to plan wisely for their own retirement.

She lamented, “Everyone has to begin to take charge of our own financial future. History has shown that people sit back and wait for their job to give them a pension, and most of the time the pension is less than what you would have earned as an employee.”{{more}}

Jean-Marie noted that if Caribbean people invest more in bonds, securities, and stocks they would see their money grow faster, which would enable them to take charge of their retirement.

The CMMB Manager noted that for too long Caribbean people put their money into fixed desposits that give little or no returns. She said that stocks, bonds and securities have been the prime method of investing for places like the US and Canada and now CMMB is providing this opportunity.

Jean-Marie pointed out that with government being the main security, investors would feel safer because they know their own government and are able to hold them accountable. She claimed that this type of investing becomes almost “risk free” and people should make use of this type of fortune.

The St.Lucian CMMB Manager said, when Caribbean people invest now they would have that extra income when they retire, making their lives more comfortable.

“As people get older they would not be able to work as long as hard as when they were young, and having extra income besides their retirement pension helps them continue to live a lifestyle which they are accustomed too,” Jean-Marie said.