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PI into alleged rape of US teenagers soon


The family of the two Florida teenagers who were allegedly raped on May 30, at La Soufriere is still very much committed to the process of justice and is prepared to be in

St Vincent and the Grenadines in November when the Preliminary inquiry is set to begin.

Director of Public Persecution (DPP) Colin Williams told SEARCHLIGHT that his office is in constant communication with the witnesses and they are unswerving in their determination to see justice done.{{more}}

The four young men who were charged with the ghastly offence which brought negative international attention to St Vincent and a massive public show of disgust were supposed to appear in court on July 27 but the case was stalled when a fire broke out at building which houses the Serious Offences and Family courts the week before. Some important court records were also lost in the flames and there was a suspension of all court matters.

The prosecution alleges that two teenager girls and their mother were attacked by four men after they aborted an expedition with three other family members and a tour guide up the slopes of La Soufriere. Reports are that the young ladies were raped while their mother was badly beaten as she tried in vain to assist her daughters.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves had expressed his regret on behalf of himself and the nation when the incident took place. He also stated that all the travel expenses related to the family’s pursuit of the matter will be borne by the state.

The men charged were Leroy Rodney, 25, Nyron Morgan, 24, Junior Morgan, 18, and a 17-year-old. They each must answer two counts of rape, one count of grievous bodily harm , and one count of wounding.