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Plans afoot for nation’s squatters

Plans afoot for nation’s squatters


Christmas is finally coming for up to 5,000 squatters who have been living in less than tolerable conditions for many years.

The Housing and Land Development Corporation (HLDC) said that the “Informal Human Settlements”, as they are euphemistically called, will be getting electricity, a sewerage system, potable water, roads, and easy access to educational facilities for their children.{{more}}

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Housing, Informal Settlements, Land and Surveys and Physical Planning, Kenrick Glynn said a plan to improve the lot of the families came about because of a mandate from the government.

He was quick, however, to point out that no further squatting will be allowed and this plan will benefit only the existing squatting communities.

The plan is divided into three components including a comprehensive study of the informal settlements. A plan of action will also be developed to transform these squatter settlements into well-organised communities. After the first two components of the action plan are completed, HLDC will present an estimate of the cost associated with the recommended changes and development.

Occupants of these informal settlements will also have some input of what they want to see done to improve their standard of living, as town meetings will also be held.

When the Unity Labour Administration (ULP) took office in 2001, it declared a zero tolerance policy towards squatting as plans were in the pipelines for a mass Housing project throughout the land. The action plan is set to be completed by November.