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Credit Union help for Teachers

Credit Union help for Teachers


The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Co-operative Credit Union is helping members to upgrade. Last Monday, the SVGTCCU handed over $35,000 to 27 Teachers. The money is to assist those engaged in different forms of studies.

Remarks came from manger Julian Jack, President Curtis King, as well as Chairman of the Education Committee Dwight Lewis.

King encouraged teachers to continue doing business with the SVGTCCU, and also urged them to keep up their high standard of their work. He expressed the hope that the money would help the members in realising their goals.{{more}}

In order for Teachers to get the money, they have to complete one year of studies.

The money is for Teachers studying locally as well as abroad. Teachers are studying for bachelors of education degrees here while those overseas are pursuing areas of management as well as individual subject disciplines.

King noted that the assistance is part of the Credit Union’s way of contributing to overall national development. The SVGTCCU has as its theme: ‘Every member has special value.’

Aberdeen Roberts, a teacher for 17 years, expressed her gratitude for the assistance given to her. She begged the 2006 recipients to “use it wisely.”

Alma Haynes, another recipient, similarly expressed her thanks. She noted the value of the support in that it helped her to pay for her studies.

The SVGTCCU also provides scholarships to members’ children who have passed the Common Entrance, book vouchers and school bags to others, as well as scholarships to persons at Community College.

The SVGTCCU has close to 6,000 members and assets worth about $48 million.