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Andre remembered after 9/11

Andre remembered after 9/11


Andre Colin Cox was a progressive young man who at 29-years-old worked as a chef in tower two of the World Trade Center building.

For seven years he would arrive at work at 6:30 a.m, finish at 2 pm, attended school and then head home. But on September 11, 2001 Andre’s routine was broken by hijackers who crashed two commercial jets into the building, killing 2,749 people.{{more}}

Andre’s nephew, Rohan Cox, today still feels a sense of guilt since he was the one who helped his uncle get the job. Rohan was promoted and recommended his uncle for the vacant position.

He shivers at the thought that had he not been promoted he would have been the one in World Trade Centre building.

“Everybody knew that I worked there and when they heard that someone form the Cox family died in the Twin Tower building they figured it was me,” he said.

Rohan however recounts that it was a bittersweet day since it was the same day his baby daughter Keandra was born.

“I was taking my wife to the hospital and around the same time a police friend called and told me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I just couldn’t believe, but when I turned on the radio I realised that it was true.”

Minutes after the second plane struck the building in which Andre worked, Rohan admitted that he felt a heavy sense of devastation override him.

“Andre was the type of person who would not even worry. I could imagine him just accepting his fate if he knew he was unable to get out of the building. It’s hard for the family because it wasn’t a regular death, but it was an assassin,” he said.