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Report: Argyle wind levels no problem


Data collected and analyzed thus far from the wind station at Argyle suggest that the wind levels at Argyle will not cause any problems to small aircraft when the international airport is in operation.

The wind factor was one that raised question marks about Government’s choice of Argyle for the airport project. Chairman of the International Airport Development Company (AIDC) Dr Rudolph Matthias said that the data collected surprisingly showed that the Argyle winds were not even to the level of those at Arnos Vale.{{more}}

There is a plan to construct a cross wind runway in the event that further wind data identifies any reason for concern.

The IADC has secured an unused wind station from Canouan and this will be installed on top of the IADC’s Argyle office where the other is presently located. This announcement was made last Wednesday 6 at a press conference hosted by the IADC at its Argyle headquarters.

Meanwhile Dr Matthias further declared that the soil testing work is near completion. They have been focusing on the areas where the planes will land and other areas where soil testing investigations have become necessary.