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Earth works for International airport to begin in July 2007


The earth works for the Argyle International Airport are set to begin July next year and this is the date for the more than 120 affected home owners to shake hands on the financial packages for the acquisition of their properties by the International Airport Development Company (IADC).{{more}}

The IADC has been operating in the spirit of negotiation with them but the company’s legal advisor Camello Gonsalves, said that under the land law they didnot have to. Two issued statements in the Gazette stating government’s intentions is all it takes for property to become government owned. Government has contracted the English firm Brown and Company to value the properties and the report has been submitted.

IADC chairman, Dr Rudolph Matthias stated in a press conference last Wednesday, September 6 at the IADC office in Argyle that offers have been made to fifty one of the home owners. The general response is said to be favorable with only a few of them rejecting the offer. Others have asked for time to consider and hold discussions with family members.

In addition to the valued price of their properties owners will also receive a range of concessions from government. These concessions include a waiving of the government’s five percent sale stamp duty. The legal fees are also waived.

The relocation plots at Harmony Hall will also be sold to the displaced property owners at $7 per square, at least $5 below market value. The icing on the cake is a $10,000 relocation allowance that will be given to them.

In the instances where homeowners reject the valuation and offer given by the IADC they will be invited to have the property valued by a recognized valuer and to meet again with the IADC’s negotiating team.