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Police: Criminals getting high tech

Police: Criminals  getting high tech


Head of training in the Bermuda Police Service, Chief Inspector James Howard is very pleased with the quality of police officers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Inspector Howard was part of a Bermudan Police delegation on a recruiting drive in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and other Caribbean islands.

Inspector Howard spoke to SEARCHLIGHT at the Cocktail reception held at the Prime Minister’s official residence in honour of Bermudan Commissioner of Police, Vincentian George Jackson Monday, August 21.{{more}}

The senior Bermudan officer described the Vincentian police officers that they interviewed as “very bright” and said they were doing an excellent job in St. Vincent when one considers the various training limitations.

The man Howard replaced as Chief Training Officer Superintendent Michael Jackman told SEARCHLIGHT that criminals’ use of technology must be the greatest concern for police officers. “Their use of technology is putting the police on the back burner,” he said, as he emphasized the need for police officers to expand the scope of criminal investigations.

Superintendent Jackman also alluded to the fact that the advent of police dramas on television, which exposes some of the ways crime scenes are investigated and other policing tactics can serve as an education tool for criminals and would-be criminals alike.

“Although some of the forensic science on these television shows is not real, the criminals can still learn from what they see.”