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Plans in works for Rose Place


Removing the perception of Rose Place being a ghetto and slum area is high on the agenda of the Ministry responsible for developing capital Kingstown.

On Tuesday, August 15, Minister of Urban Development Rene Baptiste met with residents, businesses, civic and community leaders of Rose Place to discuss with them ways in which parties would like to see that part of the city develop and specific ways in which they can go about doing so.{{more}} The grouping also included representatives of Fishermen from the area, Sporting Organisations and the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital Administration.

Baptiste said Rose Place has had its share of blows and misfortunes but it is her wish to turn these misfortunes around and bring the area back to its former state of glory. She highlighted projects that have been completed in the area among which are the development of Nine-Steps, the upgrading of the bath and toilets, refurbishing of the sporting facility and repairing streets and drains.

She however noted that further development of the community is needed as it continues to face numerous challenges. The area she pointed out is becoming less residential and more commercial, there are environmental challenges and the bay front area is being threatened.

She noted that unfortunately more persons are setting up plywood and similar structures on the bay front and taking up residence there.

Baptiste said short, medium and long term solutions are needed to address these problems.

Residents attending the consultation expressed a number of concerns. They noted the area is being overrun by businesses at the detriment of residents and one resident expressed the view that the survival of small business is becoming an issue.

Others expressed concern with garbage collection, destruction of property and the lack of community education.

This was the First Regional Consultation on areas for urban renewal and revitalization. A follow-up session is planned for Rose Place.

The Second Regional Consultation will shortly be held with similar leaders of Paul’s Avenue, Paul’s Lot and the surrounding areas. The third visit is scheduled to examine China Town and Little Tokyo as the Urban Development Task Force continues its work. (API)