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Leo treat for the homeless

Leo treat for the homeless


Last Saturday, August 19, 2006, several members of the Leo Club of St. Vincent undertook a feeding of the homeless activity aimed at providing the homeless citizens on the streets of Kingstown with a balanced meal.

A release from the club said, they have observed a “decrease in the number of individuals on the streets when compared with previous times”. During this activity, they were able to feed at least 25 people with ease, mainly in the vicinity of the Kingstown Market as well as under the galleries from Laynes through to Sprotts Brothers.{{more}}

This activity is scheduled for the middle of each month and is an ongoing project for the club. The club hopes to raise both public and political awareness of the situation, in hopes that the

number of homeless people can be decreased.

Leo Clubs are official non-profit service organisations of Lions Clubs International that encourage young men and women to serve others in their community and around the world. These Leo Clubs are sponsored by Lions Clubs and may be either school affiliated or community based. Leo Club activities include meetings, service projects and social functions.