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Javal Wood follows brother’s footsteps

Javal Wood follows brother’s footsteps


Newly appointed principal of the 98-year-old all-male St.Vincent Grammar School, Frank Jones, said that he is pleased with the 85.21% pass rate of his students.

Jones was pleased to announce that in every subject, the pass rate was no less than 70%. He however stressed the need for further improvement.{{more}}

Meanwhile Javal Wood, brother of Kamal Wood, the 2004 CXC top student copped the top position at the St.Vincent Grammar School with seven grade 1s and three 2s.

Wood admitted that he was grateful for the results but believed that he could have done better. With his hopes set on a career in economics or finance, the youngster challenged others in his age group to keep focused.

Keshone Stevenson also of the St.Vincent Grammar School copped seven 1s, two 2s and one 3 the future psychiatrist confessed that he was disappointed with his math results but is glad at the overall results.

Victor Job Jr. received five 1s four 2s and two 3s. Job Jr. who is the son of Methodist Minister Reverend Victor Job plans to pursue a career in the field of chemical or civil engineering. The talented pianist also received a distinction in music.

He advised young people to do well in their academics by studying hard and making sacrifices that will put them on a sound educational ground.