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Coral Reef Park hits snag


Calls by a group calling itself the Concerned Citizens of Canouan to have the opening of the Coral Reef Conservation Park postponed have borne fruit. The opening ceremony has been put off.

The Conservation Park, which is billed as “part of the ESDA sustainable development plan for Canouan” was supposed to have been officially launched at 3 p.m. today in Canouan.{{more}} However, the members of the Concerned Citizens group have issued a press release saying that they are not in agreement with the launch, since “To date no consultation was carried out with the people as to this proposed park. As a result, the people of Canouan are not aware of the implications of this conservation park. Therefore we propose that before any implementation, that discussion should be held with the people.”

Among the questions the group wants answered are why hasn’t the park been established in the area previously agreed between the government and the developers? Who is establishing the park, who will the park be handed over to and who will benefit from the project.