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Slater realising life long dream for Clare Valley

Slater realising life long dream for Clare Valley


Ever since he was a youth, Douglas Slater looked at an area known as ‘Big Bush’ as ideal for housing settlement.

When he became area representative following the March 2001 general elections, he came one step closer to making his dream a reality. His wishes came to fruition last Tuesday with the unveiling of the Clare Valley Housing Project.{{more}}

Negotiations for a 16-acre plot are nearing completion; but five acres have already been dealt with and that is enough for the construction of 130 houses.

Dr. Douglas Slater, this country’s Health and Environment Minister was excited with the prospects of his childhood dream being fulfilled.

The Minister reflected on the previous housing project undertaken by the Labour Party government during their first term.

In a somewhat political mood, Dr. Slater encouraged the listeners to continue supporting the Unity Labour Party government, because Labour was the party that ensured the housing needs of the Clare Valley community were met.

Dr. Slater boasted of employment available as a result of the housing construction.

He urged Clare Valley residents to look for jobs on the project and do not wait on the Minister or any official to accommodate them.

“Take advantage of this opportunity,” Dr. Slater urged. His comments were directed towards residents anxious for work on the project.

Dr. Slater is looking on the holistic development of the area, and he hinted on upgrading of the Clare Valley Health Centre as part of the ‘holistic development plan.’

Health Minister Dr. Slater would like to see playing field facilities upgraded, especially with the new housing project on stream, but he acknowledged that the fulfillment of the playing field was “not definite.”

Dr. Slater praised Cabinet colleague Senator Julian Francis whom he said would “move mountains in order to accomplish his desires”. And the Housing and Land Development Corporation is moving mountains to accomplish its objectives.

The HLDC has purchased its own heavy equipment so as to expedite its housing construction.