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Shopping Complex for Georgetown

Shopping Complex for Georgetown


Government is focusing on re-introducing economic activities in the rural areas of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and to assist in this venture, a number of projects are at present being planned.

On August 10, Selmon Walters, the Minister charged with the responsibility of Rural Transformation led a delegation of Government officials on a visit to a number of projects on the Windward side of the country.{{more}}

The first stop was at Georgetown where a Business Complex is expected to be constructed opposite the popular restaurant Ferdie’s Footsteps. The Complex is expected to house the National Commercial Bank, a library and other shopping areas.

Because of its location, a sea defence wall, estimated to cost over EC$2 million will have to be constructed.

From there, the delegation visited the construction site of an AM transmitter hut belonging to the National Broadcasting Corporation at Sans Souci.

The transmitter hut will be have an antenna 305 feet high and when completed is expected to provide wider distribution of the stations signal on the AM band. (API)