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Promotions for 8 at Coast Guard


Eight Coast Guard personnel received the good news from Commander Tyrone James, Commander of the Coast Guard Service on August 17, 2006 that they were moving up in the ranks.

In a general assembly at the Coast Guard Base at Calliaqua, the men and women received the news and were congratulated by their peers. The eight persons were Leading Seaman Lennox Williams who was promoted to Petty Officer; Ablebodied Seaman Mikuel Maynard, Ablebodied Seaman Lisa Browne, Ablebodied Seaman Nolan James, Ablebodied Seaman Alvis Daniel, Ablebodied Seaman Celia Charles, Ablebodied Seaman Kenlet Francis and Ablebodied Seaman Gordon Charles who were all promoted to the rank of Leading Seaman.{{more}}

This promotion was a historical benchmark for the Coast Guard and for females in the unit as for the first time females (Lisa Browne and Celia Charles) were promoted within the Coast Guard.

In his congratulatory remarks the Coast Guard Commander challenged the newly promoted officers to continue their quest for personal development noting that the organization could only achieve professionalism if the individual members pursue personal development programmes.

Additionally, on July 20, four other Coast Guard members were notified of their promotion. These were Leading Seaman Osborne Johnson and Leading Seaman Conrad Kirby who were promoted to the rank of Petty Officer and Ablebodied Seaman Junior Baptiste and Ablebodied Seaman Clinton Lewis who are now Leading Seamen.

All promotions took effect from July 3, 2006.