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Miss SVG heads back to Sion Hill

Miss SVG heads back to Sion Hill


Miss SVG 2006, Sheridan Lewis, is looking forward to the reopening of schools in September; in fact she is very excited about it. And it has nothing to do with her own studies but rather the fulfillment of one of the important things she wanted to do since copping the crown in June; that is visiting her alma mater, the Sion Hill Government School.

So along with the excitement of new school bags, shoes and uniforms in some cases, and the sheer joy of being back with friends, students of Sion Hill Government can look forward to a school visit from their “queen”.{{more}}

“I really want the opportunity to do that,” said Lewis, as she expressed her love for her former school.

As for her own studies, Lewis is looking forward to pursuing studies in Business Administration preferably at the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies, in Barbados. The crown jewel in her crown of Miss SVG winnings is a university scholarship.

In a recent interview with SEARCHLIGHT Lewis said that she is enjoying her reign as Miss SVG even though there is sometimes some difficulty understanding that she is now a public figure. While Lewis doesn’t mind accepting criticism she admitted that she is a bit taken aback when people try to be degrading and discouraging. She is however continually relishing the opportunity that she has to make a contribution to society in any way she could.