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Forestry Focus: Stop Bush Fires!


“Stop bush fires; protect the environment” is the theme chosen by the Department of Forestry for this year’s Forestry Focus, scheduled to be held in September.

The Department in collaboration with St. Vincent Electricity Services (VINLEC), and the Central Water and Sewage Authority (CWSA), is preparing for the two weeks of activities designed to highlight the importance of Forestry and issues relating to the environment.{{more}}

Spring Village, located on the leeward side of the island, has been chosen to be the centre of activities for this year. This is due to the yearly burning of hillsides in the area that have been affecting the hydro electricity harvesting and the potable water services.

Leeward Range Supervisor for the Department of Forestry, Bradford Latham said that the area is being burnt yearly by farmers for fodder and for pleasure. He said that each year the department would make a fire trace on Morgan Hill to help prevent the spread of fire but earlier this year fire was set on both sides of the trace causing loss of trees and livestock.

Latham further stated that the Department of Forestry is concerned that the frequent occurrences of bush fires in the Spring Village area will leave the soil bare and susceptible to erosion and rock falls. He said that the purpose of this year ‘s Forestry Focus is to educate and sensitise the residents of the area about the danger of bush fires. (API)