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Canadian brothers having a ball in SVG

Canadian brothers having a ball in SVG


As a child going to school, you always looked forward for the re-commencement of classes to share with friends how you spent your summer holiday. This certainly will be the case for Lorenzo and Alexis DaSilva.

Lorenzo, 11, and Alexis, 9, of Canada, have been having the trip of their lives since they arrived on these shores on August 6, 2006. According to the boys, it has been “One of our best trips ever.” {{more}}

The two youngsters took time out of their vacation to drop by the SEARCHLIGHT offices last Friday morning to let us know what they have been up to.

The boys, who live in Scarborough, Ontario with their mother Natasha were eager to share their story. They revealed that when whey found out about the trip to the Caribbean, they were overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation, and so far they have not been disappointed.

On arriving in Trinidad, they were surprised to see their dad, Kenneth DaSilva of Mountain Top Springs Ltd., who had taken a plane from St. Vincent to meet them at the airport there. “I could not believe my eyes when I saw him there waiting for us,” recounted Lorenzo. Alexis said he rushed to hug his dad quickly since he had not seen him in four years.

So far, the boys have explored many of the picturesque sights that this country has to offer. Outspoken Lorenzo said that one of the most exciting experiences so far was to go Scuba Diving at Young Island and seeing black sand beaches for the first time. “We have never done this before in our lives, it was so cool, we were really surprised to see that they have black sand beaches in the world.” Not letting his big brother have all the say, Alexis said that the type of rocks that grace the shorelines of these beaches astonished him most as well as the different species of sea creatures.

“When we are home in Canada, we usually surf the Internet, play hide and go seek or read our books, but here, we have so much to do and explore,” disclosed the young DaSilvas. With huge smiles across their faces, the Grade 5 and 6 pupils of St. Barbara School said they loved swimming and playing squash.

They have also observed the differences in population density in different parts of the island. “There is a lot of space in the country and when you look on the map of the world, it looks just like a dot, it is so packed in the city,” said the boys jokingly. They both mentioned that they are eagerly looking forward to their trip to La Soufriere, a 4,048 ft high volcano to the north of the island, coming up soon.

“We are really looking forward to coming back to St. Vincent and the Grenadines next year,” said the brothers. Lorenzo and Alexis will be returning to Canada on August 30.