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Youths complete summer programme

Youths complete summer programme


A group of mainly Rastafari women, dubbed “Sisters of Sense” is ensuring that Vincentian children develop well-rounded personalities. Last Friday, August 11, approximately 15 children ages ranging from one to 15, rounded up a Children Holiday Programme at Largo Height Community Centre.

The exercise ran from July 17, and the youngsters were engaged in a variety of activities including artistic, literary, cultural and sporting endeavours. {{more}}

Eunice ‘Ashaki’ Thompson, one of the main persons behind the venture expressed the desire to continue the venture.

There was additional input from the Ministry of Education with a lecture on self-esteem, delivered by Cassandra Lewis.

The youngsters were exposed to banana art, with tutor Kendal ‘Bird Eye’ Lewis showing his versatility.

For Ashaki, the event is part of a foundation for the provision of an exercise which she would like to manifest.

“I would like this programme to go after school, and vacations.” She pointed out.

She expressed satisfaction with the enthusiasm of the children as well as with the interest shown by some parents and other facilitators.

A number of volunteers turned up to assist including Sharon Franklyn, Lila Browne, and Afifa Wilson.

Ashaki, with special training in that field, was overwhelmed by the venture. She was specifically excited with the weaving.

“I enjoyed it. I love working with the youths, and the important thing is that the children enjoyed it,” she indicated.

Ashaki was also pleased with the area where the programme took place. The Largo Height Community Centre is located opposite the largo Height Playing Field.

And Ashaki looked at the presence of the playing field as an asset to the programme.

Children were able to release extra energies on the park. The sporting segment and use of the playing field added to the success of the exercise.