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Brian calls it George

Brian calls it George


The Housing and Land Development Corporation (HLDC) is looking for a new general manager. Brian George, who has held that position since February 2003, is leaving. Not that there has been any fall out between him and anyone else.

In fact, his performance has been so outstanding, that he has been elevated.{{more}}

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves praised George last Tuesday. That was in the Central leeward district of Peters Hope for the handing over of 16 new homes to recipients.

Dr. Gonsalves described George as a “class engineer, magnificent administrator, straight as an arrow, works hard and has excellent people skills.”

The Vincentian Prime Minister regarded it as “painful decision” having to lose George from the HLDC. He urged listeners to “understand.”

The HLDC is capable of standing on its own, according to Dr. Gonsalves, and he attributed the new status to George’s acumen.

“Brian George has done such an excellent job that he can walk away from it, and it will continue to build houses,” Dr. Gonsalves said.

He justified the move and outlined: “We need Brian George to help us with a massive school building programme.”

By June 2007, work on six educational institutions is expected to be in progress here. That includes primary schools at Fair Hall, in East St. George, Ottley hall in West Kingstown and Bequia in Northern Grenadines.

The other buildings would be the Union Island Secondary School in Southern Grenadines, West St. George Secondary at Belair and Peters Hope Secondary in Central Leeward.

Dr. Gonsalves noted that over $50M would be spent on the construction of the schools and that George “has an important job to perform in the education revolution.”