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Baptiste – Taskforce to clean up market

Baptiste –  Taskforce to clean up market


Minister of Urban Development and Culture René Baptiste, has vowed to make the Kingstown vegetable market a much more conducive place for persons occupying the building and also for others.

These remarks were made last Monday morning when the members of the task force patrolled the streets of Kingstown.

Minister Baptiste said that she is very displeased with the present state of the market. “It does not look inviting to people,” remarked Baptiste.{{more}}

She stressed that much is being done in time for Independence, and that proposals were being made by visual artists to assist in the facelift of the market.

The Minister went further to state that she does not like the scenery at the front of the market and that it is not pleasant to look at. She mentioned that it is not inviting to see so much congestion at the front, and that there were many other trades there than the vegetable vending.

Minister Baptiste further noted that she would be doing everything in her power to see that all goes well.

This is the second stop around Kingstown for the Urban Development Task Force.