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Works completed on Layou waterfront

Works completed on Layou waterfront


Residents from the Central Leeward Town of Layou, and, indeed, anyone throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines would be pleased with a new development that has taken place. It is the Layou Waterfront Development Project. The venture, costing $5.7 million, is part of the World Bank Disaster Project.

Last Friday, a delegation including Acting Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker, parliamentary representative for the area, along with his Cabinet colleague, Transport and Works Minister Clayton Burgin, made an on-the-spot assessment of the exercise.{{more}}

Sir Louis beamed with excitement as he spoke about the undertaking.

“I am extremely happy to see the completion of the project,” Sir Louis indicated.

Works were undertaken some years ago rendering the hitherto precarious North Leeward Highway prone to invasion from rushing waves.

Sir Louis used the occasion to take a swipe at former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell whom he said had “promised” to attend to the matter, but instead “nothing happened.”

Sir Louis is looking forward to the new “promenade”, erected behind a defensive sea wall. Trees will be planted along the path with benches installed, and Sir Louis is excited about the new look Layou waterfront.

Straker expressed gratitude to the World Bank and Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He described it as “one of the best things that has happened in Central Leeward.”

The official opening of the exercise is carded for September, according to the Acting Prime Minister.

Transport and Works Minister Clayton Burgin described the project as “long overdue.” He was happy that Layou residents have been protected in case of a water surge.

Morales John, Clerk of Works with Edghill and Associates, said that high waves and a cement shortage delayed completion. Nova Port International did designs for the project. Works began July 2005.

Lilja Lakic, Edghill Associates’ Site Manager, was matter of fact, as he recounted his experience on the venture. “All projects are good to me. That’s my job. We are just the executors. Weather and sea conditions are part of the job.”