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Peter’s Hope expanding

Peter’s Hope expanding


Next Tuesday, August 15 is expected to be another ‘red-letter’ for some Vincentians. Sixteen new homeowners will be handed the keys to newly constructed houses in the Central Leeward district of Peter’s Hope.

In March 2004, 57 homes were handed to anxious new homeowners.{{more}}

Last Friday, a delegation led by Area Representative Sir Louis Straker and including Transport and Works Minister Clayton Burgin made Peter’s Hope one of their Central Leeward stops.

Sir Louis announced the handing-over date when he spoke to the media on site at Peter’s Hope.

The area representative boasted of the Peter’s Hope Housing project being the ‘Largest Low-Income Housing Project in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

And he was even more pleased with the expansion. If Sir Louis gets his way, another 25 units would be built at Mt. Wynne.

The 16 new structures include 11 three-bedroom, and five two bedroom residences.